Visual Approximation

Visual Approximation

This blog is about a shy, single woman and her life… incognito and more funner.  She wanted a way to share the “how was your day?” bits of her life, and make others laugh.  (And frankly, she was tired of using her best material on dating websites.)

She’s a perfectionist who loves washing her hands and rewriting this page.  She’s more comfortable sharing in third person because of work and imaginary stalkers, but wants you to know her and really like her.  She’s a snacker and has, in a frenzy, bitten a finger or two (her own).

She hopes you enjoy, and come back for more helpings!…


She’d love to hear from you at tasteslikeonion@gmail.com.  She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.  And now, she’s an officially published author!  Check her out as Susie Tex in Believe Me Not: An Unreliable Anthology.


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