Woman Single After Relationship Ends

(Los Angeles) One woman found herself single again after her relationship ended last Tuesday, authorities say.

The woman, 39, had been officially dating the professor for two months when he broke up with her by phone, according to the statement. This was the second break-up in the short but once promising relationship.

“The professor claimed that he did not feel enough for her to continue the relationship,” said the woman. “I was pissed.”

Despite promises to the contrary, the professor did not give any indication of these concerns prior to the call, according to the statement. The professor had a history of unhealthy relationships and romantic attachments, and cited similar concerns without warning during the first break-up. But the woman had hoped that the second time would be different.

According to the statement, the woman had exerted great effort in accommodating the professor’s poor health, scheduling discomfort, and other vague ailments, to little avail. The woman wondered whether the professor was really able to make the effort to emotionally connect, or if fear had held him back, authorities note.

“I knew something was off and I should have trusted my instincts,” said the woman. “But despite the sadness, I am trying to feel good now knowing that I was brave and loving and vulnerable and honest.”

“I felt like I was me,” the woman continued, “and that is all I can be.”

“Now what am I going to do with this Cubs shirt?”

In lieu of flowers, the woman requests any donations be directed to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles.

(Image source)


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