A Very Special Blog Post

Editor’s Letter

Thank you for tuning in on a very special blog post of Tastes Like Onion. Like the “very special episodes” of sitcoms from my youth, there will be an important social issue discussed. But there will also be time for laughs and most importantly, celebration. Let’s begin…


I have always loved reading… LOVED loved reading… As a child, temporary borrower’s permit in hand (temporary because I was always misplacing it), I would leave the library with little arms filled with books. Choosing among books was like choosing among ice cream flavors… Why can’t I have them all?

And reading has given me so much pleasure over the years. I could travel to Narnia, or to a little house on a prairie. I could choose my own adventure, and solve the mystery of Chimney Rock. I could also partner up and do detective-work with Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, and Hercule Poirot.

Through reading, I can also better understand myself. My love of mysteries helps explain why I think like a criminal detective, fitting pieces together and/or planning ahead. I can be in the minds of many very different people, and through their thought process I can help understand my own.

And with reading, I have learned how and why to better express myself. It’s helped me find the words to convey how I feel. And the act of putting words together to a rhythm brings me joy.

So it is not unintentional when I say (with passive voice) that it was reading that made me who I am. For reading shaped me, not the other way around.

I am sad to think of those who cannot read or write… For literacy affects how politically engaged people are, and in expressing their opinions by voting on issues domestic and abroad. And literacy affects socioeconomic status, with those lowest in literacy highest in poverty. (source) And literacy can affect people’s futures… can affect one girl’s future… to pioneer a frontier, confront and solve mysteries, and know that there is a great big world out there to explore.

And so that is why I am sharing this blog post with you. Reading and writing go hand in hand, and Grammarly will be donating to a literacy foundation just for my humble, but sincere plug.

I hope you’ll feel with me that we can all better the world by reading… and writing. We each have something valuable to create and contribute.

And so, on to celebrating… I just recently became an official “published author,” with a short story in Believe Me Not: An Unreliable Anthology!! This book was published by the Los Angeles chapter of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is both a fantastic project and an excellent non-profit organization. I hide in my perfectionism, and live on the appreciation of my readers, and NaNoWriMo had freed me to write just for myself, imperfect and unashamed. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to participate. It starts November 1, and it’s a valuable experience no matter how far you go.

And finally, thank you, thank you for joining me in the 100th post of Tastes Like Onion!!! I started this blog as an alternative to dating duds, where my witty quips went unappreciated or fell on undeserving ears. But more importantly, this blog has allowed me to share myself with you. And the fact that you keep coming back (as least, I think you’re coming back?…), the fact that you’re reading these very words means so much to this little girl who herself loves to read, and hopes others too enjoy the written word.

Warmest regards and deepest thanks,

S. T.



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