(Los Angeles, CA) Sources confirm that one woman recently benefited from the quick conclusions of others, to seem more attractive, benevolent and fit.

These quick conclusions, known as adaptive unconscious, enables some to excel at decision-making while others fare poorly.

“‘Did you get a haircut?… It’s so shiny!,” recounted the woman, of an early morning interaction with a colleague. “I realized it was because my hair was still wet, but you know…  She was already down the hall, so…”

The woman also reportedly received expressions of gratitude when she recently paused to let a person in a wheelchair navigate a narrow uneven sidewalk.

“He nodded his head as he passed, as if to say thanks,” she recalled, shaking her head. “But I was just trying to rest my feet from new shoes.”

The woman received a compliment on her physique while waiting for a flu shot.* Flexing in front of the mirror in order to give definition to her otherwise flabby arms, the woman received a “nice muscles” remark from the nurse. According to reports, the woman was pleased with herself and continued to flex and admire her reflection before the nurse had to ask her to relax for the injection.

The woman, who at times actually puts forth effort to be more attractive or do nice things for others, exhibited distress at the thought of receiving undeserved good will.

“I feel bad that [people] mistake my vanity for kindness.”

The woman went on to share that while it is clear people often draw the wrong conclusions, it is kinder to give others the same generous benefit of the doubt.

“Who knows,” the woman reflected. “They just might rise to the occasion.”

*Author’s note: This actually happened. We verified many times for authenticity.


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