Heads Up 7 Up: Week of October 21, 2013


Woman’s Week in Numbers

3: number of times planned on doing schoolwork, only to take a nap

0: number of shoes tried on before purchasing

66.6: percentage of shoes that had to be returned after being tried on at home

177.2: number of miles traveled by gasoline-powered vehicle to talk about renewable energy

54: number of songs from favorite playlist sang aloud to

7: number of decisions made for the Denny’s Build-Your-Own Burger

15: number of minutes, including calls and texts, to ensure a wallet found in a McDonald’s parking lot, was safely returned

1: number of times called a gentleman for holding open a door

3.5: number of days said or did something funny

2: number of days said or did something intentionally funny   

4: number of times teared up over something beautiful, moving, or sad

9: number on scale of 1-10, of how good felt when correctly answered “Jeopardy!” questions about Panama Canal and Siddhartha

(image source: flickr/duncan)


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