Turn! Turn! Turn!

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(Chicago, IL)  Wrapped into one busy weekend, a woman recently experienced the seasons of the Bible and the Byrds, in some of life’s celebrations.

A baby is the beginning of life and that particular recent weekend started with a baby shower for the wife of the woman’s cousin.  With adorable decorations and treats, Baby Pea’s pending arrival was marked with good friends and good food.  It was also an opportunity for the woman to reconnect with extended family and reminisce about the early years.

“It was so fun but weird,” the woman recounted.  “[This cousin] was the baby of the family and now [they’re] having a baby!  But definitely sweet…”

“Speaking of sweet, are you going to finish that [caramel with sea salt]?”

The woman’s birthday celebration followed the baby shower, resulting in a stomach filled with tri tip and sugar-topped homemade biscuits with apple butter.  The woman celebrated with her immediate family, which also meant extra barbecue leftovers for the woman to enjoy.  The woman however, confessed to feeling a bit apprehensive about this birthday, as it meant a transition from mid-thirtiestwentiesish proper to late mid-thirtiestwentiesish.

“Yeah, not crazy about it,” the woman said with a mouth full of fries.  “But I’m trying to own it… or at least eat my way through it!” she said chuckling, a bit of food falling out of her mouth.

The weekend also celebrated achievement with a friend’s law school graduation.  Dinner at a fancy restaurant where napkins match outfits was full of more delicious celebrating.

“It’s wonderful and such an accomplishment,” said the woman.  “I mean law school… and this dessert.  I’m getting sleepy from all this celebrating.”

But all that consumption, as it turned out, was food for thought as the woman, that same recent weekend, also attended a funeral for a friend’s father.  Family and friends gathered to mourn the loss, and celebrate the life, of an amazing man who experienced much, and shared all with his children and grandchildren.

“[It] made me realize that life is precious,” the woman reflected, “and that meaning can be found in the loud, and quiet, moments of life.”

And so, despite successive bouts of gorging, the woman enjoyed the meal at the wake, and found that it was time for peace for herself.  It was not too late.

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