Best Dog Ever


Lappy, the Jindo who was known for her adorableness and love of treats, has died.  She was 15.

Lappy, who had recently suffered an incapacitating stroke, died April 1.  She had been recuperating at home when her condition significantly worsened.

Daughter of two Jindos, she was born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California and spent most of her life in a big backyard in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles.

Despite a comfortable home, she had a period of juvenile delinquency when she would snatch socks and shoes from an open door, and shred paper with her teeth.  She dropped out of obedience school two weeks before graduation, and compensated for a lack in education with a lifelong aloofness towards other dogs.  She also disliked gardeners and loud machinery, and would often bark with bravado when her masters accompanied her outside.  Otherwise she chose to hide in bushes in the corner of the backyard, peeking out only to see when the gardeners had gone.

After a period of rehabilitation, Lappy had come to learn to acknowledge her mistakes.  She hung her head and looked forlorn when she landed atop a shrub, breaking its branches; when she barked at family members rounding a backyard corner before realizing who they were; and when she punched through a screen door in her excitement greeting an old friend.

Also known as Lappy-o, she acted at times like a cat: cleaning her paws nightly, and enjoying milk.  She also spent her time doing dog-like things, like barking at possums and halfheartedly chasing away birds and coyotes.  Before meals, she would run around the backyard, securing the premises before ending with a peep through a fence knothole to check in on neighbors with the pool.  She enjoyed her walks, and occasionally when she escaped, went for leisurely walks on her own, smelling the grass.

She lived a good full life, and was a very good dog.  She is survived by her loving family.


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