Woman All Casual-Like About Writing First Novel

source: footage.shutterstock.com

(La Mirada, CA)  In a bout of procrastination, one woman announced plans to write a novel in November on an unknown topic for no one in particular.

After learning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) from a Facebook friend, the woman easily convinced herself that she had always intended to write a novel, and that two months into a full-time graduate program was the appropriate time to begin.

“Sure, I wished that I had always wanted to write a novel,” the woman confirmed, “and what better way to make it a reality than to actually wish it… later!”

With encouragement that “it’s okay to not know what you’re doing,” would-be novelists are released by NaNoWriMo to find 50,000 words from November 1 to November 30.  Editing is discouraged, and telling everyone encouraged.

“I guess the thought [behind that] is quantity is better than quality to address writers’ block,” the woman considered, “and making it public keeps up accountability…  Like wearing non-stretchy pants at Hometown [Buffet].”

The woman reported that she did in fact ‘win’ NaNoWriMo, completing her novel with 50,054 words.  When asked how she won, the woman responded: “Well, I couldn’t sleep one night and got the idea by thinking about what I liked… Then I started writing and half-way through I realized I could make stuff up.  So I kept writing, and then I finally reached 50,000.”

“I’m sure it’s really bad,” the woman said, full of self-deprecation and revealing illustration.  “But it amused me.”

Since completing her novel, the woman had promptly foregone writing as with running after her marathon and a number of her other abandoned projects.  But, she hopes to resume writing soon.

“It’d be great to go back and edit my novel, and create something presentable,” the woman said.  “I just need to go back and watch some Daily Show first to get my comedic voice back…  Daily Show, Colbert Report… I also have a bunch of disks in my Netflix queue.  So… not now, but probably soon.”

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