Get Busy

(Chattanooga,TN) For one woman, the past several months have been really busy.

“I’ve been really busy,” the woman shared.

First, in order to exercise writing discipline the woman began blogging daily. The task of finding subjects to report on was challenging, but proved to hone the woman’s ability to write about inanity. The writing streak lasted 15 days, and was successful in not only cultivating writing but also reducing sleep and promoting self-chuckling.

Second, after many years of contemplating graduate studies in a number of different fields, on what seemed like a whim the woman applied, and was accepted, into a public administration program. Every fall before then had been a ritual of browsing programs in public health, geography, urban planning, and landscape architecture in locations ranging from California, Massachusetts, New York, Wisconsin and England.

“It felt right,” when asked why the woman chose this fall and this program to apply. Reaching a conclusion, she shrugged and continued, “I don’t know. I like school supplies, and I felt like I wasn’t using my time wisely.”

Well, busy days remain ahead. In addition to full-time work and graduate studies, the woman has decided to pursue an additional project. During the month of November, the woman will be participating in her first National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) effort. For new and experienced writers alike, NaNoWriMo participants embark on a journey to write a minimum 50,000-word novel between November 1 and November 30. Wordy writing and being able to describe things in great detail are skills the woman feels will greatly aid her in this effort. And she has an idea.

“I wish my life was more interesting anyway,” the woman confided, “so why not make it cool and funny… like spies.”


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