We Didn’t Start the Fire



REPORTER: Home alarms are supposed to help families feel safer.  But for one woman’s family, it’s the fire alarm has causes them to live in fear.

MOM:  Every time we cook, the fire alarm goes off.  And it’s so loud!

REPORTER:  And it’s not just Mom who’s concerned.  Other family members agree.

DAD:  Oh my gosh, it’s terrible.

BROTHER:  Yeah, because it’s so loud!  And annoying!

MOM, DAD, BROTHER  (in unison):  BEEP BEEP BEEP.  Fire!  Fire!

REPORTER:  The primary trigger it seems, is smoke from cooking on the stove.  And defensive measures, too often, are taken too late.  When asked whether turning on the kitchen exhaust fan would help, the woman responded quickly.

WOMAN:  Yes, it would.

BROTHER:  We also try to open the skylight to let the smoke out.

REPORTER:  With frustration, the family is now considering taking more extreme measures into their hands.

DAD:  It’s dangerous to keep climbing the chair to fan the fire alarm.  So I want to take the battery out.

REPORTER:  And while this may be a short-term solution, ultimately this goes against the purpose of the fire alarm.  According to the manufacturer’s website, they recommend a properly working unit, with battery, for protection.

WOMAN:  Every time we cook, at first sign of smoke we run around yelling “Fire!  Fire!” while we turn on the fan and open the skylight.  But we get maybe a minute, before the alarm goes off.

REPORTER:  With deep feeling, the woman shared this insight.

WOMAN:  No one should live this way.


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