Number One Isn’t Always Easy

(Los Angeles, CA) In a time-is-money world, it is all about getting things done, fast and right.  So it was especially frustrating when the woman, during her doctor’s appointment, was unable to quickly provide a urine sample.

On a day with temperatures passing 100 degrees, the woman tried to keep hydrated with water and refills of diet Coke.  By the time of her appointment, the woman had drunk plenty and was eager for a visit to the ladies room.

Given that her appointment was follow-up for vitamin levels measured through blood, the woman did not foresee needing to provide a sample.  And thus, she visited the loo happily.

But as luck would have it, the woman was asked to provide a sample for other symptoms she raised with the doctor.

“I really thought at first, that I could will it to happen,” the woman recounted.  “Mind over matter and all that…”

What happened in reality however, was a long first attempt to no avail.

Armed with advice to drink water and try in a little bit, the woman returned to the examining room to drink, and think watery thoughts.  Waterfalls.  Raging rivers.  Overflowing fountains.

What happened next, the woman shares in her own words:

“I saw the small sink [in the examining room] and thought the sound of running water would help.  So I went over and turned on the faucet for a few moments before shutting it off to not waste water…  And that’s when the doctor popped her head in.”

“Why my hands came up in a pounce position, I do not know…”

By the sink and feeling caught red-handed, the woman was in a crouching tiger position when the doctor checked in.

“I wish I saw the look on my face,” the woman giggled.

Another downed cup of cold water, and the woman accomplished her mission.

She is number one.

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