Dogs Can Blog Too

(La Mirada, CA) The companionship and love of stuffed animals can last well past childhood into adulthood.  For one woman, it has.

Her stuffed animal, “BHD” (Ed. Note: As a minor, his full name has been retracted for his privacy) has been with her for more than five years.  Originally a gift, the woman had grown quite attached to the soft, plush animal, initially as a way to stave off loneliness.

The woman shared: “Living alone, it was nice to have a companion.  He mostly stayed at home, but he’s certainly pretty well-traveled for a pup.  He’s been to Manhattan Beach, the Bay Area, all over…”

And not only a companion to carry from room to room, BHD has also become more and more a reflection of the woman’s personality.  The woman literally speaks for BHD, and engages in limited conversations with her stuffed companion.

“His voice is like mine, only higher,” the woman revealed.  “But yeah, he’s definitely funny.  He always makes me laugh.”

“But watch out – he’s also pretty feisty!”

Since discovering the joys of blogging, the woman recently decided to share this joy with her best friend by creating a blog on his behalf.  This blog, intended to be humorous, may however cause some concern and need for mental health monitoring should the woman start to overly spend time and energy to the fiction.

“Clearly others love stuffed animals,” said the woman, referencing a wikihow page on how to love a stuffed animal.  “And because he’s cute and funny, why shouldn’t I share him with the world?”

“So far only two read his blog however,” admitted the woman.  “But maybe someday he’ll be as famous as…  well…  I guess there aren’t really famous stuffed animals… yet.  If you don’t count Alf.”

BHD’s blog can be found at


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