Stop the Insanity

(La Mirada, CA) One woman, after receiving one too many pieces of junk mail, is fighting back.

Comfortable with technology, the woman has been transitioning over time to receiving electronic statements and other notices.  This means however, that her physical mailbox has been collecting more and more miscellaneous mail.  Everything from unwanted catalogs to membership solicitations, insurance and credit card offers.

Junk mail.

And while she glances at her new mail, she leaves this task of going through her mailbox to every other week or so, and the quantity becomes maddening.

“Why do they think I need a credit card to get the most out of life?” the woman asked rhetorically.  “I need [the credit card company] to get out of my life.”

So, the woman decided to take action.

Carefully selecting those sheets that have no codes or personal identification, with military precision, she ripped the sheets into large pieces of confetti, and in red marker on the top slip wrote “STOP PREYING ON PEOPLE” to the credit card company.

To an insurance offer, she wrote “NO THANKS.”

And apparently this is not entirely new for the woman.  In previous years, she would write “RETURN TO SENDER – JUNK MAIL” on unopened envelopes with hopes of shaming the sender into stopping.  It did not work, but rather doubled the mail.  But this is the first time she has enclosed messages.

When asked why she took the time to respond, the woman explained: “It’s simple.  I’m mad.  And I want them to know it.  And if they have to foot the bill for me telling them [by paying for postage], even better.”

“Let’s see how they like it.”


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