They Might Be Giants…

As an early birthday present to herself, in early May a woman traveled to northern California to visit with family and friends, and spend time outdoors…

This photo journal is from the  first leg of her trip

View from the Coast


View from below

Look like a forest moon a Rebel Alliance might want to occupy?…

Avenue of the Giants

Golden Bear that deceivingly does not mark the state line

Occupy Eureka, 10-person strong

Now how does that pencil out for the City?…

Avenue Q

Goodie Bag

With my ongoing ankle injury, I decided to run the Half Marathon despite still being registered for the full.  With my full Marathon bib, I drew enthusiastic support, and disbelieving looks, as I passed Mile 18 (my Mile 5) in under 1.5 hours…  I heard lots of “You go, girl!”s.

Avenue of the Giants Marathon Course

With a clocked Marathon time under 4.5 hours(!), I asked for the appropriate medal…

Half Marathon Medal


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