We Have A Rock

[Ed. Note: In honor of the Fourth of July, this article has been reprinted with permission to highlight the foundations of American freedom and innovation the Founding Fathers inspired, when they set off fireworks in celebration of the Tea Party. Happy Birthday, America!]

(La Mirada, CA) Los Angeles is celebrating the installation of a large rock. Entitled Levitated Mass II, the 340-ton granite boulder sits atop a 456-foot long concrete slot at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Public excitement and anticipation for the 150-million year old rock began in March 2012 when it undertook an 11-day journey through 22 cities to arrive at its final destination. Traveling at night on closed streets with police escorts, the rock got up to eight miles an hour, clocking in just faster than cars on the 405.

Touted one of the largest megalithic stones to be moved since ancient times according to LACMA, many also celebrated a feat the ancient slaves already accomplished approximately 3,500 years ago while building the pyramids.

When asked their impression of the artwork, one feisty woman replied: “So what! It’s big… but big deal!?”

Big deal, indeed.

Levitated Mass II adds to the cultural milieu of Los Angeles, the arts epicenter of the world, where local museums already feature tar pits, wax, and the Grammys.


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