Woman Denies Knowledge Of Limp Bizkit on Playlist


NARRATOR: A local woman was recently questioned, and tried to deny, any knowledge of how Limp Bizkit came to be on her iTunes Favorites playlist.

It was a cool early summer evening when the woman was walking towards this friend’s home.  A mutual friend happened to see her as she was driving to the same location, and rolled down her window.

MUTUAL FRIEND: She had headphones on, and I could tell she was listening to music.  But she had no idea I was there.  So when I got her attention, first thing I did was ask her what she was listening to.  But she didn’t answer right away…

NARRATOR: The woman, apparently contemplating her answer, eventually responded, sheepishly…

MUTUAL FRIEND: It was Limp Bizkit.

WOMAN: Yeah, I’m not sure why I have it on my phone… I, you know, I wonder every time [the song] comes on, but then I bob my head along to it and then forget until next time… you know?…

NARRATOR: And this is where the story takes an interesting turn, as a closer look at this woman’s Favorites shows that this is not an isolated case.

WOMAN: I have lots of different music under my Favorites.  I have Radiohead…  Oingo Boingo…  Flight of the Conchords…

NARRATOR: And while it’s clear that she has good taste in music, it’s not quite clear how Limp Bizkit came to be…

WOMAN: I sometimes like music to dance to.  I also have “SexyBack” for that reason…

NARRATOR: Despite demonstrating iconic dance moves for “SexyBack” and “Rollin,’” the woman was ultimately unsuccessful in convincing that it’s acceptable to have this music on your Favorites.

WOMAN: It’s just a shortcut.  I’m not saying that my favorite song of all time is “Rollin.'”  It’s just something fun… you know?…

NARRATOR: In reviewing the woman’s full list, other questionable selections include “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, and Journey cover songs by the cast of Glee.

And for the record, the woman has two Limp Bizkit songs.  “My Way” also tops her Favorites.


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