Hello From Beyond

Editor’s Letter

As some may know, this effort began 16 months ago when, longing for a creative outlet and to mark my place in the world, I created a world called Tastes Like Onion.

Single, living alone, I was nearing my mid-thirties proper.  Feeling lonely and disconnected, I overly sought comfort in the verisimilitude of a full life, mostly through TV where main characters became good friends.  I tried meeting new people and date online, only to grow tired of feeling the need to impress.

So I started this as a way to combine my desire to entertain friends, my love of writing, and ultimately my need to share me, just as I am.  And Woman became my voice in this effort, allowing me to share myself in a safe way.  It became a way for me to feel connected and heard, through anonymity.

My decision to write news style also reflected my recognition that sharing “I’m sick” or “I’m tired” would not be groundbreaking, nor adding to the wealth of knowledge to better the world by bringing about world peace or ending famine.  But as there can be great humor in the mundane, I thought that this style would tongue in cheek support that, as well as keep me disciplined to writing concisely (run-on sentences, as you may have already surmised, are my downfall).  It also allowed me to pay homage to The Onion for which this in part is named.

And now what it has become, 16 months later, is still a work in progress.  Like writing, I have learned I have to push myself to try everyday.  To engage and not hide.  To not take myself too seriously.

I hope you will continue to join me on this journey, and find comfort, and laughs, in the trials and tribulations, large and small, of my life.  I hope you enjoy the blog’s new appearance.  I hope you will send this to 10 people you know, or the chain will break and you will have seven years of bad luck.

This is not a hoax.

Warmest regards,

S. T.



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