Injuries Require Time to Heal, Study Concludes

(La Mirada, CA)  Recent studies have shown that the body can be easily injured.  Studies have also shown that injuries require time to recover.  Conducted over a six-month period, a woman evaluated the recovery fitness of key mobility areas as well as the digestive system.

The woman first noted this phenomenon with an ankle sprain.  Occurring weeks before her third marathon, the woman went through a rigorous regimen of sports chiropractice, icing and elevation, and non-running in order to speed healing.  However, pain struck at Mile 19, and then struck, kicked, and picked up a coffee table and smashed it at Mile 21, requiring the woman to complete the longest, most painful marathon.  The woman, having then become more attuned to pain management, refrained from any running before a half-marathon race.

“It hurt,” the woman responded, when asked how her ankle felt.  “It still hurts.”

“I guess it didn’t help that I ran 39.3 miles on [the sprain] within six weeks,” the woman hypothesized.

The digestive system also appears subject to this process of healing.  After eating a fish sandwich with suspected bad mayonnaise, the woman quickly developed stomach pains.  However, what should have been an uncomfortable evening turned into two days of stomach twisting and arduous sleeping before the woman recovered.

Most disconcerting from her findings has been the inability to predict these injuries.  The woman, while watching the documentary Keep the River on Your Right, expressed deep empathy with the modern-day septuagenarian cannibal’s concern of slipping in the Peruvian jungle.

“This very evening I crept up the stairs in stealth mode, and my knee starting aching,” the woman recounted.  “You just never know.”


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