Aflutter For Declutter

Third of three parts

(Berkeley, CA)  To prepare for official adulthood (i.e. mid-thirties), one woman has developed a three-pronged approach: get healthy, be more intentional, and improve her surroundings.

Studies have found that people feel better when their home is clean.  The woman by chance came across this phenomenon one day when she cleaned her home.  When she was finished, she felt better.  To continue these positive results, the woman sought to purge and use color as ways to further enhance her home environment.

Neat is Sweet

Much attention has been paid to the obsessive collection, and inability to dispose, of items known as hoarding.  This can manifest in a variety of items, from dolls and state quarters to trash and feces.

Under the guise of frugality, the woman has in fact lived with a mild case of hoarding.  She had accumulated large stacks of sheets printed on one side, clean empty to-go containers, unused napkins, disposable utensils, and condiment packets.  But for all these items intended for re-use, in reality, the accumulation was quicker than the use.  So, the delicately balanced to-go container tower would topple when the woman pulled any item from the kitchen cabinet.  Utensil drawers would fail to close completely for overcapacity.  And ketchup packets would fall on the floor each time the refrigerator door was opened.

“It’d be such a waste,” the woman exclaimed, “to throw these away when they could be re-used…”  Pointing to the extra Yogurtland spoon, “are you going to keep that?”

Having watched one too many an episode of Hoarding and Hoarding: Buried Alive, because one show was not enough, the woman aimed to address the problem head-on by purging excess from her home.  She identified paper goods as well as clothing, accessories, and electronics unused or underused within the past year, and set them aside for donation or recycling.  She also took strides to limit new re-use items brought home.

“[They] still need a home,” the woman shared, a bit forlornly, “I know it just can’t be with me anymore.”

Double Rainbow

According to a special group of people called scientists, color also has an effect on human behavior.  Color, as well as light, can balance “energy” wherever a person’s body is lacking.  In laymen’s terms, this means different colors can make someone feel differently depending on the color.

A longtime organizer by color, the woman was inspired to use color for her new living space to brighten her mood.  The walls were painted gray to provide a soft, neutral background.  Then, scarves and books were sorted and organized by color, providing fun splashes throughout the room.

“It makes me happy,” the woman shared.  “I know books are sacred and should be organized by genre, then author, etc.”

“But it’s so beautiful.  Oh ho ho!  It makes me want to cry…”


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One thought on “Aflutter For Declutter

  1. Joe says:

    While most call it hoarding, others believe it’s collecting. So I guess a used coloring book is moodier than a new one.

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