No Time Like The Present… Five Minutes From Now

Second of three parts

(La Mirada, CA)  For one woman, an upcoming birthday has become the marker of passage between adult-likeness and true adulthood.

In preparation for this day that comes, irrespective of any effort on the woman’s part, her second goal was to do do, not say and not do.  Always the procrastinator, the woman decided to be more intentional about her decisions and carry them through.

Money Doesn’t Grow Underwater

She began with putting her financial house in order by selling her home.  Technically an investor for the past six years, the woman realized, for the third time, that her investment and primary residence, a condominium in downtown Los Angeles, was not to be the golden egg it once promised.

“It sucked,” the woman said.  “I loved everything except I lost a ton of money.  It was time to let go… three years ago.  So,” shrugging her shoulders, “I finally did it.”

Other long-time financial to-dos implemented included more aggressively setting aside money for retirement, and carefully considering the other financial moves she should decide to make.

Fun.  Have It.

The woman also decided to more actively plan her free time for fun.  Rather than relying on unadulterated enjoyment as a catalyst, the woman decided that scheduling hobbies like reading and writing would ensure that these pursuits would be pursued, and fun would be had.

“I love reading,” the woman confided, “but TV is sometimes so much easier.”

“But forcing myself to do something I love is also fun.  I just need to remember that if I didn’t force myself, I wouldn’t do it.  But it’s fun.  So I love it… especially those free e-books – they’re so bad they’re good.”

When asked about writing, the woman responded with a grunt.

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