Can’t Hardly Wait

First of three parts

(La Mirada, CA)  Milestones can be both a blessing and a curse.  And when one is unavoidable, like a birthday, it takes outlook and imagination to will it into a negative or positive experience.  For one woman, the decisions to not only embrace her birthday but to use the time leading up to it as opportunity for improvement, make the difference between depression and empowerment.

“I know age is just a number,” the woman shared, “but I’ve never been this old before.”

“I felt like it was time to actually be what I want to be,” she said.

The woman decided that in order to prepare for the rest of her life, she wanted get healthy, be more intentional, and improve her surroundings.

The goal of getting healthy is an annual one, but this time the woman meant it.  She committed to striving towards her ideal weight, and pursuing any and all physical exercise interests.

On January 3, 2012, the woman aimed to lose more than 40 pounds in six months, the equivalent of an average bushel of barley or a small wind turbine.  With a strict caloric intake and regular exercise, the woman has lost more than 10 pounds to date.  [Ed. Note: While the woman is currently 10 pounds above her target weight, she is happy with her loss to date and says she does not feel “as gross.”]

The woman has also recommitted to long-distance running, with registration in at least two-and-a-half marathons in the first half of 2012 alone.  The Los Angeles Marathon, now a day away, will kick-off the woman’s running year with the marriage of exercise and do-gooding for AIDS Project Los Angeles.  Never had running been so rewarding as to raise money for such a worthy cause, and training with an amazing group of people.  The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is next a mere six weeks later in the continuation of travel and running, and redwood trees.  The Pasadena Half Marathon is slated two weeks after that, starring the Colorado Bridge.

“I know it seems like a lot,” the woman confessed.  “But why not, right?”

UPDATE: The woman was proud to report that despite injuries and self-doubt, she completed the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon.  She has since reconsidered running the Avenue of the Giants as a full marathon, but is still eager to travel and run among redwoods.

“I should be able to run a half[-marathon],” the woman shares confidently.  “And ‘resting my ankle’ has been the perfect excuse not to exercise at all.  What better way to get ready for another race?”


4 thoughts on “Can’t Hardly Wait

  1. SDJ says:

    I’m training for the Pasadena Marathon myself, and I was curious to see who else might be blogging about and sharing their stories. A quick search later and I found this entry.

    Congrats to this woman for her determination and her success. This world needs to see more people chase – and achieve – their dreams.

    Best of luck in Pasadena, too!

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