Superstition Ain’t the Way

(Los Angeles, CA)  The holiday season is often filled with, and defined by, its traditions.  Each holiday is an opportunity to re-create fond memories, which in turn serves as affirmation for the growing excitement of the upcoming holiday season.  For one woman however, the holiday season’s inauspicious start has brought concern that this holiday season will be more disappointment than pleasure.


The first major holiday, or what has become so by the commercialization of the holiday season, is Halloween.  Fall weather is in full swing, and the act of deciding what to “be” can begin many months in advance as anticipation builds.  This year however, with a busy travel month of October, Monday Halloween, and no plans in sight, the woman felt surprised that Halloween came so quickly.

“It came so fast!” exclaimed the woman.

Frequent surprises continued as she would see people in costume throughout the day.

“I would remember that it was Halloween,” the woman continued, “but then I would forget.  I’d see someone and be so surprised!  ‘Why is that person dressed up as…'”

Only the day after, when candy filled the workplace, did the woman recall again that it was Halloween the day before.


Thanksgiving, the next major holiday, also came to the woman’s surprise.  With a busy month at work, the woman was so focused on daily and sometimes hourly deadlines, that days on the calendar meant meetings and hearings rather than days closer to Thanksgiving.

As Thanksgiving finally arrived, the bucking of family tradition also made it feel unlike formal Thanksgiving Day.  The woman, exhausted from work, slept most of the day.  When she awoke, she and her family picked up her uncle and went to Denny’s for Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, that Denny’s…

As a pescatarian unable to enjoy the traditional turkey dinner, the woman built her own Holiday Slam breakfast with Bread Pudding French Toast, hash browns, egg whites, and biscuit.  As consolation to traditional Thanksgiving, there was at least pumpkin pie for dessert waiting at home.


While most decidedly a non-holiday, the woman was also surprised that she not only felt the frenzy of needing to shop on Black Friday, but her easy experience when she ventured out that afternoon.

She drove to her local mall and after circling an aisle and waiting a few minutes, happily found a parking spot a short walk away.  She entered the mall, quickly found her destination, and upon entering, waited a few moments to be helped and walked out less than 10 minutes later, light in pocket and heavy with gifts.

On face value, it would seem that the holiday season was off to an unpromising start: a Halloween that came and went without any excessive candy-binging; a Thanksgiving dinner of breakfast foods at a chain restaurant; and a Black Friday that prompted no pepper spray or even angry confrontation.

But the woman finds herself excited nonetheless about the holiday season.  For it is not necessarily the traditions that make the holiday season, but the days off from work, and the promise of gifts.  And this woman is particularly ready for both… as well as quality family time, good food, etc. etc.

POSTSCRIPT: The woman realized that in part, her television viewing, confined to month-old episodes of The Daily Show and even older How I Met Your Mother episodes on Netflix, plays a large role in her losing touch with time.  She vowed to double her television viewing time in order to catch up to the present.


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