In Retrospect: X Marks the Spot

Day 14: November 11, 2010


After being “rained out” of the gondola ride the night before, a grey day in Venice!…

Ghostly cruise ship in background

Church of Santa Maria della Pieta


St. Mark’s Basilica

Acqua Alta

St. Mark’s Basilica

Doge’s Palace

Pink Glass Street Lamps

Bridge of Sighs

Gondola detail

Palazzo Giustinian and Ca’ Foscari


One thought on “In Retrospect: X Marks the Spot

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    We have just spent a few days in Venice too. It must have been at the same time, it was raining and we walked on planks as well. I don’t care hat the weather is like in Venice it is alays fabulous.

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