In Retrospect: Show Me More, Show Me More; Love at First Sight

For the next four weeks, Tastes Like Onion will be traveling back in time, and place, to Europe where everything is better… except maybe the economy.  From late October to mid November 2010, one woman traveled across Europe by foot, ferry, bus, train, and plane.  This is her photo journal.

(Ed. Note: Please note that this retrospect did not result from writer’s block, or any perceived reduction in energy or creativity in developing new stories.  This was a fascinating time in this woman’s life, and should not be reflected in any perception of a currently less interesting life.) 

DAY 1: OCTOBER 29, 2010


The day began with a guided tour of the Acropolis.

 On a quiet day, still throngs of visitors before the Propylaea.

It was this view that they were admiring.



Temple of Athena Nike

Ominous clouds over the Erechtheum; the gods must not be happy


All better…  The Erechtheum


The Parthenon

One of the many Greek dogs claiming the Acropolis as permanent residence


Temple of Olympian Zeus


Hadrian’s Arch (with Smart Car)


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