I ______ My Heart in San Francisco

(Los Angeles, CA) There are two major life events that draw friends and family together: weddings, and funerals. Happily, it was the joyous occasion of a close friend’s wedding that recently provided, for one woman, the opportunity to reconnect with her past as well as enjoy the present, and help her come to terms with the future.

Despite many several years in passing, the woman remains in touch and close with many good friends from high school.  And as time has passed, a gathering has become an event not to be missed.  Even one particular friendship that had drifted apart, had its opportunity that night to be rekindled.

As a maid of honor (alongside a matron of honor), the wedding also served as a unique opportunity for the woman to showcase her talents and quirky sense of humor.  For the wedding toast, the woman and her counterpart created an awesome marriage of image, song, and dance to celebrate the bride.  Its debut was so well-received, the wedding toast earned a rare standing ovation, and praise from longtime wedding veterans the DJ, and the photo booth operator.

Weddings however significantly mark a new chapter in life, and for the woman it has been an uneasy adjustment to her close friend getting married.  Partners in crime from high school on, dating and relationships were the subject of many late-night conversations.  The reality however, has been more challenging than imagined.  The sense that a close friendship will now be changed, has been hard to overcome.

But the road trip also proved affirming for the woman.  As she visited with many friends and family over several days after the wedding, she realized there are many in her life who are willing to house and feed her, and do (or pretend, convincingly) enjoy her company.  She may not currently be in a romantic relationship, as she explained multiple times to the bride’s family, but she has strong friendships both in the Bay Area, and closer to home, that complete her.

So where at first it felt like she left her heart in San Francisco, the woman in fact had rediscovered it… and it was much more full than she could hope for.


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