Once, Twice, Three Times a Cousin… Once Removed

(Los Angeles, CA)  A woman is happy to report that for the third time, she has become a first cousin once removed.

Growing up, the woman was fortunate to have many cousins around.  With her mother’s side including three sisters and brother, there were a total of 10 cousins running around, no more than 14 years apart from oldest to youngest.

Holidays were marked with “the kids” begrudgingly performing in impromptu talent shows, followed by running around, playing games and begging one to take the book with her and to play with them instead.  Vacations were times together of epic proportions, filled with treks to the community pool in summertime, the “ditch” in wintertime; and on-again, off-again theater productions, complete with divas.

And now, the next generation of “kids” is here.  Baby No. 1 is now two, talking up a storm and charming everyone with her adorable smile and stylish outfits.  Baby No. 2 is approximately 30 weeks old and adorable learning how to sit up.  Baby No. 3 is less than 24 hours old and adorable just being here.

While these children are one family link removed from each other, the woman hopes that the strong family ties among the cousins will carry over to the little ones.  They will develop their own fond memories and their own favorite movie (“Back to the Future” would be a stretch).  For family ties are important.

Otherwise, the woman vowed, “Darth Vader will come down from the Planet Vulcan and melt their brains.”  Quickly adding, “Okay, not really but still…”

Now that’s heavy.


2 thoughts on “Once, Twice, Three Times a Cousin… Once Removed

  1. jenn says:

    aw man!!! i loved this post. i guess this means jane had her baby?? awwwww. yayyyy! and YES please. i hope back to the future will forever be part of the Ha-Lee-Tae-Park clan:)

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