Woman Garners Attention After Fixing Hair

(Los Angeles, CA)  ‘Pleasant surprise’ and ‘unsettling’ are one woman’s reaction to the attention she has been receiving regarding her hair.

For nearly all her life the woman has had hair, in varying lengths, textures and colors; natural and otherwise.  However in recent weeks, she has received, on separate occasions, several inquiries and compliments regarding her mane.

“People from all over have been asking me about my hair,” recounted the woman.  “They would look at me, cock their head or narrow their eyes, and then it happens.”

The woman in fact, had cut her hair recently, with bangs to frame her face and long layers to provide length without overwhelming her petite frame.

“Yeah, I got bangs,” confirmed the woman.

The woman also recently altered her routine to include basic grooming.

“I (also) dry my hair now,” revealed the woman.  “I actually use a hairdryer and in certain areas, spray gel too.”

The implement, a popular brand ionic hairdryer with nano silver tourmaline ceramic technology, has been a key factor in the hair’s alleged dramatic improvement.  However, beyond basic drying, the woman uses its concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling of her now-shorn bangs.

“Most of the time (the styling) works,” said the woman, “but sometimes it still gets wonky and I have to use a bobby pin.”

The woman, claiming self-taught, uses tried-and-true techniques from the masters of the world wide web, credentialed by ‘hits’ (or views) for their YouTube how-to videos.  And the results have been overwhelmingly positive.  Only one detractor, the woman’s mother, continues to suggest that the woman’s hair be cut shorter.  And reminds her to brush it.

When asked where one goes from here, the woman shared that she had in fact been slowly implementing the next phase.

“I’ve been changing my hair part from my left to right,” the woman described.  “I like the mirror image better than what I see in pictures.  So in general I’m trying to change it up.”

Preliminary results from the part change have also been positive.  Strangers have been allegedly looking at her several beats longer than socially-accepted as passing glances, and the woman’s self-confidence has been boosted if not also tempered by discomfit from the attention.

“Yes, I did do something different (with my hair),” said the woman, unconsciously petting her hair.  Shyly smiling, “thank you!”


8 thoughts on “Woman Garners Attention After Fixing Hair

  1. Lauren says:

    Some social psych experiments from a few years ago found that most people prefer their mirror image to what they see in photographs. It’s because that’s what we see of ourselves most often. Our friends tend to prefer our photographs to the mirror images because that’s what they typically see. I like your hair with either side part, and I love the new bangs. 🙂

  2. yoonie says:

    hahaha…actually my mom said my new part was weird, but that it’s good to change it from time to time…and now i don’t know what to think with Lauren’s comment, but RadioLab has changed my life….for now…. ;D

    • Woman says:

      I agree it’s good to stretch outside your comfort zone… But I can also see how Lauren’s cited study can find that…

      Perhaps Radiolab was just trying to point out that because our faces are never entirely symmetrical, some people do look better with one part over another…

      Thanks Lauren for liking my part either way. Excellent diplomacy! 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    I want pictures of the new do! I myself am hoping for bangs in the near future, especially since I’m struggling to grow it out and need to do something different.

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