Woman Wants You to Like Her, to Really Like Her

(Ramona, CA)  Preliminary results reveal that people-pleasing syndrome has proliferated one woman’s personality.

The woman, who has been battling with people-pleasing syndrome, or PPS, for as long as she can remember, had shown marked improvement in recent months with the affliction.  However, on a recent evening with friends she discovered that its seemingly-innocuous symptoms have reappeared.

Common symptoms of PPS include states of being overly apologetic and overly grateful for fairly commonplace situations.  Other symptoms include states of being overly generous (with time and/or money), overly accommodating (with key verbal cues of “I don’t care” and “Whatever you want”), and overly sensitive to signs of rejection and negativity.

The woman first realized something was amiss when she was overly apologetic about driving directions.

“I was getting a ride from a friend, and I offered directions to a freeway onramp, only to realize when we arrived that it was a freeway offramp,” recalled the woman.  “Then, in us navigating to the real freeway onramp, I kept quiet about other streets that might have been better, and then we hit even more traffic.”

“I felt bad,” the woman lamented.

Showing classic signs of PPS, the woman felt poorly for not only making an initial mistake, but dwelled in these bad feelings with fear in providing wrong directions again.  Due to fear, she was not able offer unsolicited suggestions for alternative streets.  The woman, in a more healthy condition, should have been able to accept making mistakes and not let it affect her willingness to accept making mistakes in the future.

The woman continued to show signs of being overly apologetic that evening with an incident involving an umbrella.

“It had started to rain and as I was walking, I opened my umbrella and held it close to me to counter the wind,” said the woman.  “Because the umbrella was so low, only at the last minute when a friend called out for me to watch out, did I see that a man was about to walk right into me.”

“So what did I do?,” the woman continued, “I told the man how sorry I was.  My friend pointed out that the man should have been sorry for almost running into me.  But me not wanting to share that still I was sorry, while also not wanting to go against what my friend said, I then apologized for the situation.”

Once realizing that she may have suffered a relapse, the woman searched for other recent symptoms.  She discovered that she was also showing signs of being overly grateful, including thanking others when she provided them with requested information.

“Perhaps that was me thanking them for thinking of me to ask the question?,” speculated the woman.

The woman acknowledged that even her e-mail signature thanks all recipients for reading her e-mails.

However, she hopes that now with recognition, she can work to battle and overcome PPS once more.  With love and support from her family and loved ones, she hopes to one day be free of PPS and live a healthy, normal life.

And her family is sure to prove a key element in her recovery.  PPS is almost completely nonexistent when the woman is with her family.


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