Anticipations for Triumphant Return to Running

(Los Angeles, CA)  High expectations were set when a woman burst into the running scene in 2008.  Now with two half-marathons and two full marathons under her belt, experts have been speculating on when she will reappear on the running circuit.

Her foray in running started inconspicuously.  After a pact with fellow coworkers, she alone ended up registering for her first half-marathon in Pasadena’s debut event in 2008.  Come the big day however, the race was cancelled due to fires and resultant poor air quality.  She half-celebrated, half-mourned these news with an indulgent breakfast in Pasadena.

But it was shortly thereafter, while the woman was still relatively fit, that she found another half-marathon race and two weeks later, she completed the 2008 Los Angeles Half-Marathon (now the Rock N’ Roll Los Angeles Half-Marathon).  The following year, she ran through pouring rain in the race that started it all, the Pasadena Half-Marathon Redux, and marked herself as a runner.

For a short time, the woman explored triathlons with a sprint triathlon in Catalina.  As the event includes a 0.5-mile swim, a 15K bike loop, and 5K run, she knew her training would need to focus on swimming and cycling.  Unfortunately, fear turned to denial and in November 2010, what should have been her triumphant appearance in triathlon racing turned to a race for sheer survival as she swam, afraid of fish, in Catalina Bay in the longest measured 0.5 mile ever, rode her bike slowly and painfully up a grueling hill and then far too fast down the same hill… three times for a total 6.2 miles, and then, finally, was able to enjoy her short-but-hilly 3.1 mile run to the finish line.

Realizing she belonged on her feet, her next goal came with the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon.  Training with Aids Project Los Angeles (APLA), she not only raised money for a worthy cause, but trained (properly) for what would be her biggest challenge to date.  For four months she trained through heat and rain, and triumphantly completed her first marathon.  She bore her limp and blisters with pride.

Inspired by marathons, and for the event of a lifetime, she then ran in the historic 2010 Athens Marathon in Athens, Greece, which coincided with the 2,500 -year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon that inspired the famous distance.  This also marked her first international marathon, and second in her first year of marathon running.  After the race, she rested on her laurels by traveling through Europe, and stateside, enjoying her reclaimed weekends.  As a slow runner, it takes many hours to devote for training distances of 10, 15, 20 miles at a time…

Many hours.

So, what moves a reclusive master to return to their sport?  For this woman, it was pie… specifically a slice of Boysenberry pie.

For the first time in almost five months, on March 27, 2011, the woman will return to running in the 2011 Coaster Run 5K Run/Walk in tourist destination Buena Park, California – home to the Movieland Wax Museum and Medieval Times.  The prize: a t-shirt, a Snoopy medal, and a slice of Boysenberry pie.

Her return to glory is expected to be short, sweet, and savored.

[Editor’s note: As the woman will be joined by her diabetic brother, she will in fact, receive two slices of pie…as planned.]

UPDATE:  On a cool, drizzly morning, the woman appeared.  She ran her fastest pace ever.  And then promptly disappeared…


4 thoughts on “Anticipations for Triumphant Return to Running

  1. yoonie says:

    half celebrated, half mourned with an indulgent breakfast. ❤

    good luck tomorrow!! save a nibble of the second slice for me…or not. ;D

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