Woman Deemed Fine

(Los Angeles, CA)  Answers are all around us, a woman claims, and she received several over the course of the week.  The resultant message?  You are fine – be happy.

The woman, having felt tired and rundown for several weeks, had been struggling to determine its roots.  Playing the iPod game, similar to the radio game where random songs are answers to posed questions, proved limited to her enlightenment.  The world however, provided other clues this past week with distinct instances that helped the woman realize, and accept, her underlying wellbeing.

The first reported incident occurred when the woman was walking home from work.  Passing a seated gentleman on the phone, she overheard a portion of his conversation.  “I was tired… that’s gotta count for something,” protested the man.  “I said I was sorry.”  As she heard this small snippet, she realized that it was likely some lovers’ spat, and smiled.  The woman is currently single, and had been feeling the cumulative effects of those close to her coupled.  However when she heard this, she realized that every relationship has its drawbacks.  She reported actual relief in not having complications from any bad relationships in her life at this time.

The second incident was when she visited a physician.  As her sinus headaches and mild fever persisted, the woman sought the help of a medical expert to diagnose and if necessary, treat.  As the physician confirmed the woman did have a sinus infection and prescribed medication, she found relief again that she was not simply imagining her illness.  This affirmation that her feeling sick was based on fact, boosted her self-esteem and confidence.

A stage performance of the musical, “Beauty and the Beast” proved the third incident.  The woman, who long identified herself with Belle as a misunderstood bibliophile, looked forward to the production since attending its Los Angeles performances in 1996.  The production itself turned out to be less elaborate than when the show was last in the area.  At first the woman felt disappointment.  The cast was different with different voices and interpretations of their character.  Certain musical numbers were deleted and others added.  The special effects were also limited and at times, awkward.   The woman realized however, that these moments of awkwardness can prove entertaining in its own right.  The wolf puppet on wires ends up comical, as it bends in half so that its feet and head touch during the climactic battle.  The Beast’s “rowrs,” out of sync with his movements, also ends up comical as the actor whips his curly mane back and forth to illustrate the character’s frustration.  She realized that the ability to find humor, and see the bright side of things, speaks to her overall wellbeing.

“I didn’t really know how to feel (about everything),” claimed the woman.  “But clues are everywhere if you pay attention and listen.”

When the woman played the iPod game once more, Sara Groves played through the speakers.  “There are different kinds of happy… different kinds of happy.”

The woman was just fine.


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