Launch of Blog was Fanfare for One

(Los Angeles, CA)  The launching of a new blog was treated with much fanfare by a youngish woman yesterday, despite the fact that thousands of new blogs are started every day, and millions of people have blogs around the world.

Her imagination to begin a blog was first sparked by a recent viewing of “Julie & Julia.” The popular film tells the parallel stories of Julie Powell, a writer who cooks and blogs her way through ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking,’ and Julia Child, as Child writes the famous tome. Despite the woman being sick with fever, or perhaps in part as a result, the idea had started to form.

But it was only after a highly-entertaining evening at PaleyFest 2011, with “An Evening with Jimmy Fallon,” with crazy antics, hilarious spoofs and high fun, that Fallon provided the catalyst for her to begin.

Once the decision was made, she spent several hours contemplating its style and voice when Fallon again played his newfound influence on her. With Fallon’s writing staff including a former writer from ‘The Onion,’ she was reminded of her short turn as a contributor for a local kickball league newsletter, where she first honed her craft. Thinking she was bringing joy to the tens of people who read the newsletter, she developed a love for writing in the well-known style of ‘The Onion’, and decided to return to these roots for the new blog.

Close friends may recall that she was formerly involved with one other blog, a short-lived project that like the relationship during which it was started, began on a spur of the moment and petered out due to non-interest.

Readers, currently numbering zero beyond the blogger, are expected to be initially wary given her low to fair success rate with completing projects. Her thorough cleaning of the apartment has been stalled since the refrigerator was cleaned, and her birth announcement cross-stitch for a beloved cousin’s child failed to meet its revised deadline of the child’s second birthday, and has again been misplaced due to the cleaning.

But she is confident that despite her record, the blog will provide her with the creative outlet she has been seeking, and with hope and hard work, her readership will reach the tens again.

Her blog, Tastes Like Onion, can be found at


2 thoughts on “Launch of Blog was Fanfare for One

  1. Nolan Mannski says:

    (Northern Virginia) After reading a comment on The Nerdist after PaleyFest with J.Fallon, a gentleman decided to leave a comment on the blog registering his admiration for the woman’s decision to start such a creative endeavour.

    With all returns not yet in from all the, the prevailing mood finds the writings and musing both interesting and worthy of repeated viewings.

    One passer-by was said to have commented that the bit about the energy drinks was his favorite to date.

    • Woman says:

      (Los Angeles) Much excitement and gratitude were one woman’s response to a comment on her blog. Marking the first known instance of readership beyond friends forced under obligation and cajoling, she felt affirmation and confirmation of her efforts.

      A hearty thank you and welcome is extended to the kind gentleman from the commonwealth of North Virginia. She was pleased to note that the addition ‘North’ now more clearly distinguishes the state from West Virginia.

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